Rockypoint Copper Stills   watch us on PBS! A Craftman's Legacy with Eric Gorges.

 ​Custom Copper Stills

We are not limited to Moonshine Stills, we can build Columns with multiple plates, bubble caps, and sight glasses stripping the alcohol to Vodka and Gin levels of production.

The micro distiller's affordable moonshine still!

​We hand build copper cans and heads of all sizes and shapes.

​These units are assembled in Symsonia Kentucky by real moonshiners.

There are so many ways to build a still you could write a book on it.​ I've seen stills claimed to be Casey Jones designs and others that looked like Popcorn Sutton's Stills. The purpose to distilling is to create a quality product with the least amount of cost. To do so you need to be very efficient and so does your equipment. The best way to achieve your goal is to build a still with the design that enhances your product. A Scotch Whisky design is much different than that which we would suggest to make Vodka or Gin. Micro Distilleries are starting up all over North America led by large distillery building companies, but thankfully they have paved the way for others like RockyPoint Copper Stills LLC.

​Today RockyPoint fills a void left behind by the big boys by offering quality artistic and personalized copper moonshine stills.  Moonshine stills or White Whiskey stills are available in all sizes and including gift size units for a mantle or desk by Levi Kelley.

Safety is our number 1 priority, properly fitted and tested valves

Moonshine Stills For Sale

As seen on Moonshiners with Chico and National Geographic with KAL Penn

in Eat This!

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E-mail rockypointstills@gmail.com

Founded 2011

 High Quality Spirits from Whiskey to Vodka can be easily produced with one of our many versions of still heads.  We can customize a still to your specifications.

Micro Distillers

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